Multi-family Food Waste Management Study

City of Philadelphia, PA | Philadelphia, PA | Completed: 2013

Multi-family Food Waste Management Study | MSW Camera 12.7.12 030

 MSW Consultants has been retained by the City of Philadelphia as an on-call recycling and waste management consultant. At the current time, MSW Consultants is implementing a sampling and sorting plan to test the impacts of a new City pilot study related to food waste management. The City is working with InSinkErator to install garbage disposal systems on two specific routes within the City, and to provide public education to the benefits of using garbage disposal systems for food waste disposal instead of the solid waste collection system. The City operates a state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility that can accept ground organics and produce high quality methane gas as a by-product. This pilot project will test the amount of food waste that can be removed from the waste stream requiring curb-side collection and landfill disposal, shifting that volume to the waste water collection system.