Curbside Recycling Collection Evaluation

Town of Simsbury, CT | Simsbury, CT | Completed: 2013

 The Town of Simsbury owns a drop-off facility that accepts recyclable materials and some bulky wastes. However, the Town is not engaged in curbside refuse or recycling collection, choosing instead to leave these duties to private sector haulers under direct contract with residents. In 2010, the Town joined a regional authority to test the market for lower cost disposal and recyclables processing service. The Town retained MSW Consultants to analyze the impacts of prospective new recyclables processing agreements in conjunction with the Town establishing exclusive curbside recycling collection.

MSW Consultants prepared planning cost estimates of several Town-managed curbside recycling and refuse collection alternatives for evaluation by the Town. These alternatives were compared against the status quo, and against proposals received by the Town from the local private haulers. Based on this analysis, the Town maintained the status quo while negotiating a revenue share from private haulers for Town-generated recyclables. This met the Town's dual objectives of increasing revenues while avoiding more resource-intensive governmental oversight of solid waste and recycling.