Public Space Recycling Pilot Test Assistance

American Beverage Assn (Reclay StewardEdge) | West Palm Beach, FL | Completed: 2013

 MSW Consultants was retained as a subcontractor to provide waste composition analysis and litter auditing for a public space recycling pilot test program being investigated by the American Beverage Association. The primary focus of the project was to assess the effectiveness of increasing recycling by pairing clearly marked, user-friendly, local community-branded recycling receptacles adjacent to existing litter cans in public locations such as parks and beaches. 

MSW Consultants worked with the prime contractor, representatives from the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority, and five participating host municipalities to design and conduct a baseline characterization to determine the amount of used beverage containers being disposed at parks, beaches and other public spaces. MSW Consultants coordinated with each municipality to arrange for collection and delivery of materials to a central sort location, where all wastes were segregated by container type and other categories. MSW Consultants also conducted a litter audit within a 10-meter radius of the targeted public space receptacles to quantify litter. 

The waste composition analysis was performed prior to deployment of the recycling receptacles to determine the baseline receptacle usage, and again after deployment of recycling receptacles adjacent to refuse containers. MSW Consultants analyzed changes in the composition of the disposed waste stream, reductions in litter as a result of greater volume for disposal and recycling, and also calculated capture and contamination rates for the new recycling receptacles.