2014 Statewide Disposal Facility Waste Characterization Study

CalRecycle | Statewide, CA | Completed: 2014

2014 Statewide Disposal Facility Waste Characterization Study | CalRecycle2014 - For Waste Char Proj Profile

Every five to seven years, CalRecycle has performed a large-scale, geographically comprehensive analysis of municipal solid wastes disposed at landfills and transfer stations across California. The CalRecycle methodology for this study involves dividing the state into five geographic regions, and defining three waste generator types: single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, and self-haul. 

In 2014, CalRecycle performed the latest update of this disposal facility-based study in conjunction with several other research projects to evaluate commercial waste generation and recycling. MSW Consultants is a member of the large project team that lead the planning and performance of the disposal facility-based study. As with prior statewide studies, MSW Consultants developed the study design document and performed four seasons of sampling and sorting at 25 host facilities. MSW Consultants also performed gate surveying at the 25 host facilities in conjunction with the sampling and sorting, as well as gate surveying only at 15 additional facilities. Gate survey results informed the aggregation of waste composition data by generator sector. The Study was completed in the fourth quarter of 2014