Solid Waste Cost of Service and Rate Study

City of Logan/Cache County | Logan, UT | Completed: 2018

Solid Waste Cost of Service and Rate Study | DSCF4236

The City provides exclusive collections and disposal services for its residents and businesses as well as the other 18 municipalities and unincorporated area of Cache County. They collect refuse, recycling and green waste and have operated the Logan Landfill and Compost Facility for years. When they hired MSW Consultants to conduct their Solid Waste Cost of Service and Rate Study, they were nearing capacity in the Logan Landfill and had just opened a Transfer Station and new landfill on the north side of the county. The City needed to know the incremental operational costs and have system-wide rates designed to account for those as well as future planned development. MSW Consultants conducted a comprehensive solid waste cost of service and rate study. Facility operations, asset assessments and route observations were conducted. Financial planning and rate modeling are being finalized to ensure revenue sufficiency for the next decade.