Local Governments & Authorities

Local governments face unique challenges as they strive to address waste management and environmental concerns.  Waste management touches every resident and every business, so changes to any program draw intense scrutiny.  Yet, the industry is evolving rapidly, with a wide range of emerging technologies, vendors, and services to track.  Elected officials and municipal managers need current, defensible data and informed guidance as they seek to meet the demands of their local constituents in a cost-conscious manner.  MSW Consultants and its senior management have devoted their careers to assisting local governments and regional authorities to achieve their goals.  Our services to the municipal waste management sector include:

Solid Waste Management Plans

  • SWMPs and Zero Waste Plans
  • Overview of waste management systems and technologies
  • Stakeholder committee facilitation
  • Public education and outreach strategies 

Recycling and Composting Program Development

  •  Recycling system planning
  • Residential recycling program implementation
  • Single stream recycling analysis
  • Volume-based pricing (Pay-As-You-Throw) program and rate development
  • Yard waste diversion and composting program assistance

Collection Optimization

  • Refuse, recycling, yard waste and bulky waste productivity analysis and improvement
  • Automated and single-stream collection conversion assistance
  • Front-load and roll-off efficiency analysis and service rate development
  • GPS, event tracking, RFID and onboard data collection system development
  • Route development, route balancing, and area/path re-routing

Financial Analysis

  • Solid waste system full-cost-of-service studies
  • Enterprise fund development
  • Lifecycle cost development
  • Solid waste enterprise fund service rate development
  • Facility processing/tip fee analysis
  • User fee and non-ad valorem assessment rate development

Collection, Disposal and Recycling Procurement Services

  • Solid waste, recycling, yard waste and bulky waste collection procurement assistance
  • Contract/franchise system analysis
  • Disposal and facility operations procurement assistance
  • Managed competition assistance
  • Contract negotiation assistance

Waste Composition and Generation Analysis

  • Sampling plan development
  • Waste composition field sampling and sorting
  • Statistical analysis
  • Waste generation rate studies
  • Institutional and commercial waste audits and recycling program improvement
  • Visible litter studies and litter/illegal dumping research

Fleet Management System Analysis

  • Vehicle utilization rate and spare vehicle analysis
  • Maintenance and repair cost analysis
  • Pre and post-trip inspection programming
  • Preventive maintenance programming
  • Fleet Information System configuration


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