Material Stream Characterization

A Core Practice Area

The U.S. waste stream is incredibly diverse.  It varies over time.  It varies depending on the generator.  The value of the nation's waste stream has been estimated in the billions of dollars, and its uses include supplying recyclables to a variety of end markets, energy for homes and businesses, and composts and soils for a variety of uses.  Yet, extracting this value is no easy task.  Numerous clients - from the smallest generator to the largest states - stand to improve their ability to extract this value by understanding what is in their waste stream.

MSW Consultants is a national leader in developing statistically representative sampling plans, executing complex field data collection programs, and analyzing and interpreting material stream composition data to inform a wide range of waste, recycling and sustainability stakeholders at the macro and micro level.  We are deeply experienced in all aspects of this specialized work, with leading experts on the operational and analytical methods that are needed to conduct these projects accurately and cost-effectively.  Our field data collection teams are safety-certified by independent safety auditors.  We offer comprehensive, high value solutions.

Commitment to Workplace Safety
ISNetworld Member ContractorMSW Consultants' health and safety program for conducting waste characterization studies at landfills, waste-to-energy plants, transfer stations and MRFs has been independently certified through ISNetworld®.

MSW Consultants designs customized materials stream characterization protocols to meet numerous objectives

  • Sampling plan development for wastesheds large and small
  • Manual sorting protocols for MSW, recyclables, and other heterogeneous waste streams
  • Visual surveying of construction and demolition debris and bulky wastes
  • Arrangement of supplemental laboratory testing for moisture, contamination, and micro-particle classification
  • Specialized statistical analysis
  • Higher heating value analysis
  • Waste generation rate studies
  • Institutional and commercial waste and recycling audits
  • Roadway and public space visible litter studies
  • Facility waste stream analysis to satisfy permit requirements
  • Waste and recycling audits to satisfy LEED and other green building certification requirements

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