Federal Government

MSW Consultants offers several services that are of particular interest to federal government organizations:

  • Waste and Recycling Audits: For any facility or organization, the first step to improving waste management and recycling services is to understand the nature of the wastes and recyclables currently being generated. MSW Consultants offers customized waste and recycling audits that inventory current material handling and collection practices, characterize disposed wastes and mixed recyclables, and provide detailed reports about current recycling rates and recycling program performance. We offer waste audits for individual buildings and facilities as well as for institutional establishments that operate on a wider campus or base, and/or maintain multiple operating locations.
  • Institutional Waste and Recycling Program Optimization: A successful waste management program with effective diversion requires a holistic understanding of waste generating behaviors, operational constraints, and a knowledge of the market for collection, disposal, recycling and organics management services. MSW Consultants helps governmental clients optimize their waste management and recycling programs to save money, establish smart contracts, increase diversion, and achieve recycling goals.
  • Collection Program Optimization: Large governmental establishments such as military bases require a mix of conventional residential and commercial collection, as well as roll-off box service. MSW Consultants provides a suite of collection operating and cost projection tools to right-size and modify collection systems, and to develop technical contract specifications to assure a high level of service at a fair price.
  • Procurement Assistance: Operating practices and compensation terms continue to evolve in the waste and recycling industry. MSW Consultants helps institutional and governmental clients establish sound technical specifications, negotiate efficient service contracts, and procure all types of collection, transportation, recycling, composting, and disposal services.



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