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As the founder of MidAtlantic Solid Waste Consultants in 1998, and with over 30 years of waste management industry experience, firm President Walt Davenport has worked in the public and private sectors of the solid waste management industry as a team leader, technical expert, operations specialist, and problem solver. His early career in the private sector was characterized by his ability to increase productivity and profitability, improve customer and employee satisfaction, and negotiate and manage contracts. Since the early 1990s,Walt has shifted his consulting focus by assisting dozens of state, county, and city clients across the nation as a subcontractor and, since 2005, as the president of the firm. With extensive experience in collection efficiency and routing, waste composition and generation studies, facility and collection system management and operations, and as a senior business manager, Walt brings a wealth of knowledge and resources for the benefit of the firm's clients.

Memberships and Certifications

  • Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
  • SWANA-Certified Collection Systems Manager
  • Board Member, Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP)
  • National Recycling Coalition (NRC)
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