Comprehensive Solid Waste System Analysis

Louisville Metro Government | Louisville, KY | Completed: 2017

Comprehensive Solid Waste System Analysis | Louisville_2015-12-07 11.14

MSW Consultants performed a comprehensive solid waste system analysis and 10-year solid waste plan for the Louisville Metro Government. The three phases of this project included:

Two-season Waste Characterization Study: MSW Consultants analyzed the residential, commercial, and C&D waste stream composition, as well as the composition of residential single stream recyclables and wet/dry wastes collected in the Central Business District. Results identified current residential recycling capture rates, and identified materials available for future diversion efforts.

Collection System Analysis and Cost-of-Service Study: MSW Consultants conducted a collection system optimization analysis for the LMG-provided residential and CBD collection system, which included an activity-based full cost-of-service analysis to identify true costs of solid waste management in the General Funded system. This analysis covered the wet-dry collection program offered to the Central Business District, which is capturing organics and achieving recycling rates over 70 percent.

Comprehensive Plan: MSW Consultants managed a team of consultants to collaborate with over 60 stakeholder organizations, as well as the 80 incorporated municipalities in Jefferson County, to develop a viable 10-year solid waste plan. The plan identified the policies, programs and facilities that will be needed to reach regional waste management and diversion goals