Recycling Quality Improvement Program

Orange County | Orlando, FL | Completed: 2023

Recycling Quality Improvement Program | Monitoring Crew

Orange County has a curbside recycling program that serves 217,000 households. In order to combat a high number of recycling loads being rejected by the County's recycling processor due to excessive contamination, the County implemented a recycling cart tagging program through a grant from The Recycling Partnership. Orange County retained MSW Consultants to implement the county-wide recycling cart monitoring program, which started with a major push to over 35,000 households and is continuing in subsequent neighborhoods on a smaller, targeted scale. The cart monitoring program relies on trained monitors to visually inspect each recycling cart on the assigned route, and to place a "Good Job!" tags on households that are properly setting out their recyclables and "Oops" tags on households that have placed unwanted items or contamination in their recycling carts. MSW Consultants provides recruiting, training, logistical coordination, and management of the program, including weekly and monthly reporting of a variety of performance metrics to enable the County to update its recycling program messaging, rate structure, and policies about program access.
This project is still ongoing.

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