U.S. Northeast Region Market Research

Confidential Client | , MA | Completed: 2018

A global leader in renewable thermal and bioenergy, retained MSW Consultants and the WasteInsight™ research team to investigate the municipal disposal market across the Northeast region to identify regions with favorable characteristics for potential development of a proprietary waste processing technology. The WasteInsight™ portal is a web-based platform that houses demographic data for all 3,000 counties and 25,000 incorporated municipalities in the U.S., and also contains solid waste program and contract data for over 1,500 of the most populous communities as well as thousands of other smaller communities across the nation. MSW Consultants rapidly researched disposal facility and contract data to prioritize locations for boots-on-the-ground marketing and outreach by the client's technical and sales teams, resulting in identification of multiple favorable prospects for business expansion. MSW Consultants subsequently support the client for deeper dive market development needs in this region.