Waste Characterization and Waste Diversion Study

Big Bend National Park (BIBE) | Alpine, TX | Completed: 2021

Waste Characterization and Waste Diversion Study | 1 - Sort Table

BIBE is the largest protected area of the Chihuahuan Desert and covers an area of over 800,000 acres spanning 1,000 miles. BIBE operates a landfill within its park boundary. The Park is seeing record-breaking visitation of over 460,000 visitors per year and this surge creates challenges for recycling operations and is filling up the landfill that has less than five years of remaining disposal capacity. MSW Consultants visited BIBE and performed: 1) data-driven waste characterization analysis by collecting and sorting waste and recycling samples from across the Park, 2) operations evaluation by accompanying NPS along waste collection routes, visiting the landfill and recycling center, and interviewing staff on operating procedures, 3) performed a landfill alternatives analysis comparing the cost of existing disposal methods with hauling waste to distant facilities, and 4) prepared a solid waste diversion plan with recommendations to improve operations, enhance waste diversion, and strategies to improve landfill management and operations to extend landfill life.

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