Evaluation of Solid Waste Collection System

City of Grand Rapids | Grand Rapids, MI | Completed: 2020

Evaluation of Solid Waste Collection System | WIN_20200313_07_36_43_Pro

The City of Grand Rapids has developed one of the most sophisticated collection systems within the local government sector. The City offers a multi-dimensional Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) rate structure that allows residents not only to choose what size refuse cart they need but also what frequency they wish to set out. The City has invested in an onboard event tracking system that includes dash-mounted driver data entry, and a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that provides real-time progress monitoring, direct billing based on cart lifts, and integration with the City's 311 information system. MSW Consultants assisted the City with a combined collection system operational analysis and cost-of-service study to identify both minor and major changes to various elements of the current service delivery and to quantitatively compare the customer service impact, cost, and environmental impacts of these alternatives. MSW Consultants applied its proprietary municipal collection analytical tools to capture critical dynamics of the current system and validate direct and indirect cost allocations. The goal of the project was to work collaboratively with staff to identify a slate of viable alternatives for testing with the residential customer base, and an accompanying rate configuration and rate path for approval by the Council.

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