Recycling Program Analysis & Feasibility Study

City of Charleston | Charleston, WV | Completed: 2021

Recycling Program Analysis & Feasibility Study | phil's photos 126

Charleston, West Virginia's capital, and largest city engaged MSW Consultants to examine its solid waste services, with a particular focus on its curbside recycling program. The program has been hampered for years by low participation, and in 2020 had to contend with a marked increase in recyclables processing costs and a temporary suspension of services due to COVID-19. MSW Consultants reviewed regulatory requirements, the City's collection operations, and system costs, as well as benchmarked services with similarly sized regional cities, and two other state capitals. Recyclable's processing is particularly challenging in the state due to lower population densities, lower materials volumes, and access to end markets. MSW Consultants issued a number of short and medium-term recommendations which include more optimized collections (which includes a transition to cart-based collections) improved program outreach, consideration of a Mini MRF processing system, and ultimately, regional collaboration to achieve better economies of scale for recyclables processing.

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