Recycling & Trash Collection Rate Study

City of Fayetteville | Fayetteville, AR | Completed: 2018

Recycling & Trash Collection Rate Study | Downtown shared FL compactor

The City operates automated collection of residential and commercial refuse, curb-sorted residential recyclables collection and manual green waste collection along with a Transfer Station, Compost Facility and Material Recovery Facility. Their recycling and recovery operations also encompass two manned citizen recycling drop-off centers and have been conducting elongated pilots for commercial glass collection and commercial organics collection. The residential rates are volume-based to encourage use of the recycling program. The City recently constructed a LEED-certified administration facility adjacent to the transfer station. Fayetteville has been growing at a pace that is capping out permitted tonnage allowed at the transfer station the past couple years. MSW Consultants was hired to conduct a Rate Study to determine current costs of providing the service considering the growth of the community and demand on City resources, including identifying costs of the developing programs and utility needs. A comprehensive solid waste cost of service and rate study in underway. Facility operations, asset assessments and route observations were conducted along with an extensive review of historical and current data. Financial planning and rate modeling were conducted to ensure future revenue sufficiency for the growing utility. The final rate study report can be found on the City's website.

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