Solid Waste Recycling Program and Operations

City of Reading | City of Reading, PA | Completed: 2020

Faced with significant and persistent litter and illegal dumping issues, the City of Reading (the fifth-largest city in Pennsylvania) engaged MSW Consultants to transition to a City-wide collection scheme with comprehensive residential trash and recycling services. Tasks included a solid waste market assessment, benchmarking of peer cities, development of the city's RFP documents and contract for collection services, and review and updates to City ordinances. MSW Consultants performed a subsidy analysis that calculated the financial impacts and inequity borne by existing ratepayers that resulted from a non-exclusive waste system where trash customers could "opt-out" of trash service. The subsidy analysis and provision of many solid waste facts to for use to educate City representatives and the public was instrumental in shaping City policy and decisions by City officials. In July 2020, City Council voted and approved City-wide trash collection to include the delivery of comprehensive trash and recyclables collection services to nearly 30,000 residential units and small businesses.