General Solid Waste Consulting Services & Collection Procurement Assistance

City of Oviedo | Oviedo, FL | Completed: 2020

General Solid Waste Consulting Services & Collection Procurement Assistance | Oviedo_cart

Phase 1 - General Solid Waste Consulting Services: MSW Consultants teamed with Wildan Financial Services to provide professional services regarding the City's solid waste collection services. The Team developed informational and analytical materials to inform the City of their options in extending the current contract for solid waste and recycling collection services or issuing an RFP for the services needed. After meetings with the Oviedo City Council and meeting with Seminole County, the Team made the recommendation that the City develop an RFP and service agreement for solid waste and recyclables collection and recyclables processing. The City accepted the recommendation and authorized MSW Consultants to move forward with Phase 2. Phase 2 - Professional Services Related to Procurement of Solid Waste Collection, Disposal, and Processing Services: MSW Consultants assisted the City in drafting a Request for Proposals (RFP) and a draft service agreement for residential services, with the contract to begin October 1, 2020. The RFP covered the collection and transportation of solid waste, yard waste, and bulk waste, and the collection and processing of recyclables. The RFP also included various City services. MSW Consultants drafted the RFP, in coordination with City staff, and developed an evaluation matrix. The City received a magnitude of questions on the RFP from prospective proposers. MSW Consultants provided the majority of the responses for the addenda, reviewed the proposals submitted, contacted references, performed an independent evaluation of the proposals, and developed clarification questions, and sent them to the proposers. This project included two meetings with the City evaluation committee and continual collaboration with City staff. Once the City's evaluation and ranking are complete, MSW Consultants will assist with negotiations before the City awards the contract.