Intermunicipal Recycling Services RFP and Contract Consultant

Borough of Upper Dublin - Montgomery Co Consortium | Upper Dublin, PA | Completed: 2021

The Township of Upper Dublin (Township) administers the procurement process for transfer station operations, hauling and single stream recyclables processing and marketing for the Montgomery County Consortium of Recycling Communities (Consortium). The Consortium is an association of seven (7) municipalities that collects curbside recyclables and delivers recyclables in packer trucks to the Consortium-owned transfer facility. The transfer facility operation, hauling, and recyclables processing services are provided under a long-term bundled contract with a private waste company that operates a single stream processing facility in the region. The previous procurement did not garner completion, two (2) consecutive contract extension increased contracted pricing by approximately 40 percent, and COVID-19 disrupted the waste and recycling industry. With the need to improve procurement processing in difficult circumstances, the Township contracted with MSW Consultants to develop procurement strategy, procurement documents and enforceable contracts for transfer station operation, hauling and recyclables processing. MSW Consultants provided these key strategic recommendation and outcomes: Unbundled the services to have separate contracts as a measure to improve completion, particularly for the processing and marketing of 16,000 tons of recyclables managed annually, released the recyclables processing request for proposals (RFP) first in order to identify processing locations in the subsequent hauling and transfer station operations procurement package, recommendation to form the Consortium as a legal entity and position itself to operate the transfer station as a measure to curb excessive costs driven up by the lack of competition in the private sector. MSW Consultants provided these key services and outcomes: The Consortium secured a competitive price and seven (7) year contract for recyclables processing with a nearby single stream processor which allowed the Consortium members to direct-haul recyclables and reduce transportation costs compared to proposed hauling costs. The Consortium rejected the extremely high-priced transfer station operations proposal and initiated a planning process to confirm the feasibility of operating the Consortium, which appears to be a long-term economically viable solution that will improve the overall performance of the transfer facility and Consortium's cooperative recycling program.