Statewide MRF Residual Characterization Study

CalRecycle | , CA | Completed: 2019

Statewide MRF Residual Characterization Study  | DSCF3929

As part of the larger 2018 CalRecycle Statewide Waste Characterization Study that MSW Consultants partnered on, MSW staff led the fieldwork for the MRF residual characterization portion of the study. MSW Consultants performed site visits in advance of the fieldwork at nine facilities (mixed waste, C&D, recyclable/clean, and organics MRFs) throughout northern and southern California in Spring 2018. The site visits allowed MSW Consultants to identify the appropriate site contacts, residual ejection points and sampling targets for the characterization study. Two organics MRFs were included in the study. MSW Consultants worked with facility staff to acquire the targeted number of samples from each residual ejection point based on percent contribution to the residual stream. Samples were sorted into 94 material categories and analyzed for weight and percent composition to determine the amount of recoverable material present in residual outputs. Raw data, field notes, and photo documentation were provided to the prime contractor for inclusion in the 2018 CalRecycle Statewide report.

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