Recycling Cart Contamination Monitoring Program

City of Apopka | Apopka, FL | Completed: 2021

Recycling Cart Contamination Monitoring Program | WIN_20201014_07_32_26_Pro

The City of Apopka collects single-stream recyclables from its citizens using a 95-96 gallon cart collected every other Wednesday. The City has a processing contract that requires less than 15% contamination for materials to be processed for recycling. In 2019, over 97% of the materials collected for recycling were rejected. The City hired MSW Consultants to conduct four passes by approximately 3,200 households, conduct a visual inspection of the contents, then apply an educational tag with specific information about what was unacceptable if the cart was contaminated. This hands-on effort along with city press releases and mailers about the program provided user-direct feedback on their setouts. Over the course of the project, the load quality improved so that more loads were accepted and recyclables processed.

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