Cost-of-Service Study Update

Liberty County | , GA | Completed: 2020

Liberty County, located on the Atlantic coast just south of Savannah, is home to more than 60,000 people distributed within its seven incorporated cities and the county's unincorporated area. The County owns and operates a transfer station for waste disposal, a county-wide network of seven convenience centers for refuse and recycling, and also provides some residential, commercial, and roll-off collection services.
MSW Consultants has served as the County's solid waste financial advisor for more than fifteen years. Starting with an initial engagement to create a combination of user fees, tip fees, and a solid waste assessment, MSW Consultants periodically updates the County with rate adjustments and related financial guidance to County. MSW Consultants evaluate revenue mechanisms that allocate system costs with an equitable lens for every customer that uses each services. Throughout this time-frame, the rate recommendations provided by MSW Consultants have helped the County pay down over two million dollars of debt that had accrued prior to the development of the financial plan while assuring a consistent and predictable revenue stream to manage the solid waste system. Further, as the County population continues to grow, MSW Consultants has helped the County to fund and deploy new curbside collection services to several incorporated communities and certain pockets within the unincorporated area.
In 2020, MSW Consultants recommended a slight rate increase to improve solid waste infrastructure, bolster vehicle replacement plans, and modify the use of solid waste assessment for one of the cities.