Recycling Container Monitoring Program

Contrary to popular belief, a city or county that provides curbside recycling service is not in the waste business. Curbside recycling programs are, first and foremost, providers of a specialized feedstock for industrial plants that recover clean commodities for resale into the manufacturing chain. If you are not closely managing the cleanliness and composition of your curbside recyclables, you are needlessly increasing your system cost, losing valuable recyclables, and missing an opportunity to maximize sustainability in your community.

MSW Consultants is a leading provider of professional, efficient, technology-driven recycling container monitoring and cart tagging programs for cities, counties, and solid waste authorities across the U.S. We have worked hand in hand with leading non-profit organizations to fine-tune the messaging, operational logistics, recycling policies, and tagging strategies that are proven to clean up curbside single stream and dual stream recyclables. Our professional cart tagging programs get the results you need to ensure that your curbside recyclables get consistently accepted, sorted, and sold into the market as recycling programs intend.

Benefits to Your Municipality

  • Recycling program performance becomes measurable and understandable for elected officials and the general public
  • You control your brand and public outreach, and MSW Consultants manages the program, staffing, logistics, and reporting
  • The program duration and number of "touches" per household can be customized to fit your budget, whether you are seeking a one-off exercise or intend to integrate cart monitoring as a long-term element of your recycling program
  • Performance data is managed via handheld apps with real-time, cloud-based reporting by neighborhood and by route

Benefits to your Curbside Recycling Stakeholders

  • Great recyclers get recognized for positive reinforcement
  • Wish-cyclers have their behavior corrected to become great Re-cyclers
  • Haulers get clear signals on tagged carts for omitting problematic households and minimizing load contamination
  • Misbehaving residents have their recycling carts removed to eliminate persistently contaminated set-outs

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