SWMPs/Zero Waste Plans

Historically, many local governments have been required by state regulations to prepare and update Solid Waste Management Plans to address disposal capacity, recycling and diversion goals, program funding, and other aspects of their waste management systems.  In recent years, more progressive local governments have undertaken Zero Waste Plans and Sustainability Plans, which in both cases apply more aggressive and progressive thinking to the traditional SWMP.  MSW Consultants has assisted local governments in preparing these plans since the firm's inception, and our staff have provided independent planning services for two decades.  We maintain a library of state, county and local plans of all types and from multiple states across the country. Please contact us for any of the following services:

  • SWMPs and Zero Waste Plans
  • Integrated solid waste management system benchmarking
  • Overview of waste management systems and technologies
  • Public education and outreach strategies
  • Stakeholder committee facilitation

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