Collection Optimization

Whether your jurisdiction is served by a contracted or franchised hauler or public collection crews, it is critical to properly plan for changes to waste, recyclables, and organics collection programs.  We can project the cost, resource needs, diversion rates, and carbon footprint of myriad changes to your system, and assist during the entire implementation phase.  Services include:

  • Pay-As-You-Throw (volume-based or variable rate) collection programs
  • Refuse, recycling, yard waste and bulky waste productivity analysis and improvement
  • Expanded residential organics and commercial/institutional food waste collection programs
  • Analysis of collection system impacts stemming from new disposal/processing facility locations
  • Automated and single-stream collection conversion assistance
  • Front-load and roll-off efficiency analysis and service rate development
  • GPS, event tracking, RFID and onboard data collection system development
  • Route development, route balancing, and area/path re-routing
  • Vehicle utilization rate and spare vehicle analysis
  • Maintenance and repair cost analysis
  • Pre and post-trip inspection programming
  • Preventive maintenance programming
  • Fleet Information System configuration

Recent Projects