Restaurant Waste, Recycling and Organics Audits and Recycling Diversion Plan

Confidential Restaurant | , FL | Completed: 2020

In recent years, minimizing food waste has emerged as an important topic in the waste management industry. Food waste reduction initiatives typically prioritize (a) recovering edible food for distribution to those in need; (b) capture of food nutrients in animal feed; and (c) diversion of scraps to composting or digestion (energy recovery) operations. MSW Consultants helped a multi-brand national restaurant owner to develop and perform customized waste and recycling audits to quantify waste generation and recyclable/organic material diversion potential, and to correlate these finding to internally available waste generation indicators for use in planning brand-wide waste diversion strategies.
This engagement required detailed coordination between MSW Consultants, corporate, and individual restaurant locations to plan and implement material audits, followed by customized analysis of the likely impacts on collection and diversion from landfill. The project also focused on other problem materials (e.g., single use items including straws) that have drawn attention as problematic in the waste stream.