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Senior Consultant

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Phil Bresee joined MSW Consultants in late 2018 after more than 25 years developing and leading recycling and solid waste management programs at the city and county levels, as well as serving in leadership roles in state recycling advocacy organizations. Mr. Bresee specializes in recycling and solid waste planning, program benchmarking and research, recyclables processing contracts, technical writing, and state and local government policies.
Just prior to joining MSW Consultants, Mr. Bresee was the environmental management division chief for Arlington County, VA's Solid Waste Bureau where he managed solid waste, recyclables and organics collections and processing contracts, public outreach and education, solid waste planning, and the county's commercial and multi-family recycling system.
From 2012 into 2016, Mr. Bresee worked as the recycling director for Philadelphia, PA, where he helped lead solid waste and recycling programs and planning for the sixth-largest city in the U.S. He also served as a member of the city's solid waste and recycling advisory committee.
From 2004 until mid-2012, Bresee was the recycling program manager for Broward County, FL, the 17th largest county in the U.S. Here he directed programs and initiatives on behalf of the county, its 26 partner cities, and the Broward public schools' system. Mr. Bresee led a $20 million recycling grants project which helped cities improve their residential recycling programs, and managed the county's innovative project that studied the feasibility of using pulverized recycled glass for beach erosion control.
Mr. Bresee is based in his home state of Maryland, where he began his career as a recycling coordinator for Frederick County, and then as the recycling division chief in Howard County.

Affiliations & Memberships:

  • Board member, Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP)
  • Board member and former president, Maryland Recycling Network (MRN)
  • Virginia Recycling Association (VRA)
  • Member, City of Philadelphia Solid Waste and Recycling Advisory Committee
  • Board member and former chair, Recycle Florida Today (RFT)
  • City of Pembroke Pines (FL), Green City Commission
  • Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
  • National Recycling Coalition (NRC)
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